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Messerschmitt Bf109E details

Taken at the Swiss Air Force Museum at Dübendorf

(courtesy of "gary2seater") ;

Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon


dubendorf 1.jpg (45689 bytes)                dubendorf 2.jpg (48517 bytes)                dubendorf 3 tailwheel assy.jpg (33842 bytes)                dubendorf 4 stbd wing.jpg (46384 bytes)

       Port midsection                          Port nose                                        Starboard side of tailwheel              Starboard wing leading edge


me and Sw.12 Sept 1992.jpg (52166 bytes)                sw 12 overhead.jpg (41905 bytes)                port radiator outlet.jpg (70554 bytes)                sw 12 gear mount.jpg (42358 bytes)

Me with Schwarze 12                    Overhead view                               Port radiator outlet                           Starboard maingear pivot

(no comments please! 8^P)            (will be rescanned, too dark)                                                                                                           


sw 12 upper inst panel.jpg (109355 bytes)                sw 12 lower inst panel.jpg (105426 bytes)

Upper instrument panel                    Lower instrument panel


sw 12 starboard wingroot.jpg (35182 bytes)

Starboard wingroot