The Osprey has taken some pretty severe knocks in the past year or two, with the tragic crashes which have claimed the lives of many Marines and the subsequent investigations into maintenance record issues.  However, the fact remains that the Osprey is a tremendous aeronautical achievement, combining the most desirable characteristics of a helicopter (V/STOL capabilities) with the high speed and greater manouverability of a standard aircraft. 

The pictures in this walkaround have been submitted by friend and fellow IPMS club member Charles Landrum...thanks, Charles!  For those who are interested, Charles' accurized V-22 model may be seen at

v22.on.deck.jpg (36854 bytes)        v22.on.saipan.jpg (22731 bytes)        v22.from.10oclock.jpg (33606 bytes)        v22.spotted.port.jpg (47026 bytes) (36956 bytes) (39076 bytes)


v22.wing.stowed.jpg (35208 bytes)        v22.blades.stowed.jpg (31906 bytes)        v22.folded.prophub.jpg (30299 bytes)        v22.nacelle.detail1.jpg (37671 bytes)        v22.nacelle.detail2.jpg (46124 bytes)        v22.nacelle.detail3.jpg (31603 bytes)


v22.aft1.jpg (37405 bytes)        v22.aft2.jpg (38854 bytes)        v22.port.wing.aft.jpg (36217 bytes)        v22.port.wingroot.jpg (33693 bytes)        v22.ifr.probe.jpg (41473 bytes)        v22.port.nose.jpg (31689 bytes)


v22.main.gear1.jpg (37988 bytes)        v22.main.gear2.jpg (41907 bytes)        v22.main.gearbay1.jpg (42619 bytes)        v22.main.gearbay2.jpg (46773 bytes)        v22.from.port.jpg (30266 bytes)        v22.flaps1.jpg (35627 bytes)