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Once again, Steve "Snake" Mesner comes through with another interesting series of photographs; this time, he's forwarded the following set of 12 Stearman closeups for your perusal and enjoyment.  I'll be adding to this at some point once I get my Stearman walkaround photos developed; that, of course, is contingent on determining which roll of the 50+ awaiting processingc one with those pictures... ;)


stearman1.jpg (43492 bytes)        stearman3.jpg (59987 bytes)        stearman2.jpg (54873 bytes)        stearman4.jpg (79095 bytes)        stearman5.jpg (66563 bytes)


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stearman11.jpg (49886 bytes)        stearman12.jpg (28857 bytes)

 But wait, there's more!  One day after putting this online, I got a mail from a fellow Hyperscaler in Canada, Barney Dunlevy, who enquired if I'd like more Stearman pictures.   You bet your beau-tocks!  So, courtesy a gracious northern neighbor, we have these shots to add to the walkaround page for the Stearman now!  Looks like it was a great day for flying...


bd.stearman1.jpg (86414 bytes)        bd.stearman2.jpg (70263 bytes)        bd.stearman3.jpg (70669 bytes)        bd.stearman4.jpg (63727 bytes)        bd.stearman5.jpg (55802 bytes)


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bd.stearman11.jpg (58191 bytes)        bd.stearman12.jpg (100902 bytes)        bd.stearman13.jpg (47427 bytes)        bd.stearman14.jpg (58851 bytes)        bd.stearman15.jpg (63225 bytes)