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Have you ever had one of those days where you got a lot more than you asked for?  

Well, what you will find below is an ultimate example of this...I was contacted by fellow Hyperscaler Nick Kiriokos and asked if I would like pictures of the seat of an SR-71, I enthusiastically replied YES!  I asked him to send along anything else he could come up with, and he readily agreed.  The very next day, the following 76 pictures magically appeared in my mailbox!  Nick is a crew support technician for the SR-71 program at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, and supplied these images of 17971 (c/n 2022).   My heartfelt thanks go to Nick for making this possible.

Because there are so many pictures,  I have broken them into different sections for ease of navigation, and will be uploading each section separately.  First up- the pilot's cockpit and ejection seat.

I am also including links to other known SR-71, A-12, M-12, and YF-12 sites as there are some truly excellent pages dealing with the development and operation of the incredible Lockheed family of Blackbirds.

Click on the area of the Blackbird you want to see...


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