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Kawanishi N1K2-J "Shiden"

Allied code name: George

Located at the National Museum of Naval Aviation

aboard NAS Pensacola, FL


port cockpit.jpg (93772 bytes)    Port cockpit wall                 stbd cockpit 1.jpg (93313 bytes)    Mid starboard cockpit wall

sbtd front cockpit.jpg (84285 bytes)    Front stbd cockpit wall       seat pan.jpg (68767 bytes)    Seat pan, front

seat back and rollover pylon.jpg (78061 bytes)    Seat back and pylon           rudder pedal assembly.jpg (79325 bytes)    Rudder pedal assembly

stbd wheel well- outer.jpg (66637 bytes)    Outer stbd wheel well         stbd wheel well- inner.jpg (74676 bytes)    Inner stbd wheel well

stbd strut and wheel assy.jpg (73976 bytes)      Starboard strut assy.        stbd wing ammo dump chutes.jpg (72341 bytes)    Starboard ammo dump chutes

prop assembly and nose.jpg (62906 bytes)    Propeller and spinner