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The following photos were kindly supplied by my friend and fellow club member Charles Landrum- they were taken on a recent business trip out to California, and show details of an unrestored F7F Tigercat (I believe he said this is at Chino).


These shots should prove especially useful to anyone wanting to detail the wheelwells of the AMT 1/48 offering or either of the 1/72 kits (Monogram's old but still lovely -3 or Aoshima's kit).   Note the colors in the main well and nose well...the struts are (were) glossy sea blue, while the main well interior looks to be 34151 Interior Green (or some approximation thereof).  The nose well is a bit more was obviously primed in zinc chromate (see the scuff marks from the tire on the roof), but did it get a full coat of GSB, or was that just overspray?  Note the nose doors are in 34151...


Anyway, enjoy the shots.  If anyone has any more pics of this bird they'd like to share, please drop me a line!


f7f.nosewell.fwd.jpg (74678 bytes)        f7f.nosewell.roof.jpg (79399 bytes)        f7f.nosewell.detail.jpg (62536 bytes)        f7f.nosewell.aft.jpg (79267 bytes)


f7f.mainwell.fwd1.jpg (75366 bytes)        f7f.mainwell.fwd2.jpg (72345 bytes)        f7f.mainwell.fwd3.jpg (79988 bytes)        f7f.mainwell.sidewall.jpg (69491 bytes)        f7f.mainwell.rear.jpg (79815 bytes)


Bonus picture!  Same plane, of course.


f7f.wingfold.jpg (53853 bytes)