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Messerschmitt Bf109G-2 on DetailSITE!



So, in the middle of all that mess last weekend when my site was accidentally removed by Tripod, I received an email from a fellow enquiring as to whether I could help him by putting his pictures of the cockpit of "Black 6" online..."Hmmm," I said, taking an extraordinarily long time to decide (roughly 13.2 nanoseconds..."I do believe I can help!"  Bill Livingston took the opportunity to fire off as many as his autofocus Nikon would allow, and the results are seen here.  If anyone else has further photographs of "Black 6" that they would like to add to this outstanding coverage, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

A huge "Thank You!" goes to Bill for graciously sharing his photographs with us...I know I'm going to be packing a LOT more detail into my 109s from here on out!  :-)

Please note the photos are in no particular order of appearance as yet as there are more pictures to be formatted and uploaded.


bk6.fuse.panel.jpg (130332 bytes)    bk6.interior.1.jpg (127127 bytes)    bk6.interior.2.jpg (130470 bytes)    bk6.interior.5.jpg (126873 bytes)    bk6.interior.7.jpg (126728 bytes)


bk6.interior.8.jpg (130348 bytes)    bk6.kick.plate.jpg (117547 bytes)    bk6.left.rudder.pedal.jpg (85164 bytes)    bk6.o2reg.jpg (100862 bytes)    bk6.oxy.hose.jpg (107219 bytes)


bk6.port.inst.panel.jpg (130418 bytes)    bk6.port.pedal.jpg (122144 bytes)    bk6.port.wall.jpg (103331 bytes)    bk6.primer.pump.jpg (119667 bytes)    bk6.right.rudder.pedal.jpg (102445 bytes)


bk6.shoulder.belt.mounts.jpg (100919 bytes)    bk6.stbd.pedal.jpg (132525 bytes) (146821 bytes)    bk6.throttle.assembly.jpg (127207 bytes)    bk6.trim.wheel.3.jpg (110442 bytes)


bk6.trim.wheel.4.jpg (151953 bytes)    bk6.trim.wheels.1.jpg (126664 bytes)    bk6.trim.wheels.2.jpg (125706 bytes)

Update, 7/22/01...I'm pleased to show the pic below courtesy a frequent visitor to the Luftwaffe Twelve'O'Clock High board, Marko Jeras of Croatia. Don't know where he found it, but he wanted to share it with everybody, so here it is!