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Focke Wulf Fw190F-8

W.Nr. 931884

I/SG 2, Eastern Front, late 1944

This aircraft was restored by the National Air and Space Museum, going on display in 1983.  The airframe was originally thought to be a recycled Fw190A-7 airframe, but recent research may cast doubt on this theory.  Regardless of its provenance, the team of restorers (Joe Fichera, Mike Lyons, Dale Bucy, and Karl Heinzel) invested well over 10,000 hours in restoring this aircraft to better than new condition.  Sadly, Mike Lyons passed away shortly after completion of this project, but the Focke Wulf stands as a tribute to both the men who flew and maintained them, as well as those who have invested so much time and effort to preserve this aircraft.

cockpit 1.jpg (62363 bytes)    Cockpit interior                               blurred starboard gear leg.jpg (50811 bytes)    Starboard gear leg

port gear leg-wing junction.jpg (43865 bytes)   Port leg to wing junction                rear gear well looking to port.jpg (34138 bytes)    Rear of gear bay and 13mm                                                                                                                  ammo box insertion point

etc 501 with bomb- starboard.jpg (76104 bytes)    ETC 501 with SC250                    etc 501 with bomb- head on.jpg (79519 bytes)    ETC501- front

rear gear well and ETC501 with bomb.jpg (45311 bytes)    ETC 501- starboard                      port fin and tailplane.jpg (64839 bytes)    Port fin and tailplane

stbd fin.jpg (77177 bytes)    Starboard fin and tailplane          tailplane incidence adjustment.jpg (77346 bytes)  Tailplane incidence adjustment

port aileron.jpg (56819 bytes)    Port aileron                                     starboard wing with F86.jpg (111673 bytes)    Starboard upper wing

overall stbd side.jpg (82956 bytes)   Starboard side                                outboard etc rack with SC50.jpg (28339 bytes)    Outboard ETC50 rack